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Rock-Box by STRONG Australia, is the latest offering in HD Media Players, available in Dual and Quad Core options; due for release April 2014, this Media Player promises to be The Ultimate Media Player

  • Plays Full HD Movies, Music and Photos on your HD TV
  • Dual (SRT RB2) and Quad Core (SRT RB4) versions available, Android Operating system (4.2.2), Full Web Browser
  • Access HD Movie content through Netflix, Hulu+ & more (requires US VPN)
  • Access Google Playstore for Apps, Games, Movies and more
  • Watch multimedia Files via USB or Micro SD Card reader, plays virtually any file format
  • 1GBRAM with 8GB storage (SRT RB2) or 2GB RAM, with 16GB storage (SRT RB4)
  • Built in Wi-Fi and LAN
  • Built in Bluetooth and Microphone
  • Plays AAA Android games and Retro game emulators
  • DLNA File sharing
  • Video Streaming
  • Features rotatable, non-detachable Wi-Fi antenna for stronger signal strength
  • Suitable for XBMC and other Media applications
  • HDMI and Composite outputs
  • MEPS power saving
  • Compact design 115 x 115 x 30mm (Antenna height 120mm)
  • Comes with a Remote with on screen keyboard and mouse feature or you can connect a wireless keyboard and mouse or keyboard/trackpad

    SRT RB4, Rock-Box Quad Core HD Media Player

    SRT RB4, Rock-Box Quad Core HD Media Player

SRT RB4 Rock-Box Quad Core HD Media Player

We believe the Rock-Box is the quickest, easiest way to access unlimited Movie & TV content on your HD TV (also suitable for older style TVs). It has more SMART FEATURES than most products currently available. The unit is small, simple to use, easy to install and value packed.

**Please note that this product requires Internet, charges and data usage may apply.

SRT RB2 Rock-Box Dual Core HD Media Player

SRT RB2 Rock-Box Dual Core HD Media Player

For more information visit or visit Strong Australia at

HD Media Player with HD Digital TV Tuner and Recorder

SRT MPT, new HD Media Player from STRONG Australia with built in HD Digital TV Tuner with record function via USB, coming April 2014.

SRT MPT HD Media Player with TV Tuner

  • Features Dual Core AndroidTM Operating system , full web browser
  • Play HD movies, music and photos on your TV, plays virtually any file format
  • Access HD Movie content through Netflix, Hulu+ and more
  • Shop Google Playstore for apps, games, movies and more
  • Watch multimedia files via USB or Micro SD Card Reader
  • 1GB RAM, 8GB built in storage
  • Built in Wi-Fi, plus LAN
  • High Definition Digital TV Tuner receiver with Record Function via external USB Hard Drive; Record 1 program while watching another from same network ie; record 7 and watch 72 (Hard Drive not supplied)
  • Access all Digital TV Stations in your area
  • Access Facebook, Twitter, Youtube on your TV
  • DLNA for wireless connectivity
  • Comes with Remote control with on screen virtual keyboard and mouse
  • Small, compact design – 115 x 155 x 30mm (D x W X H)
  • Easy to install and use

* Please note Internet connection is required, Internet usage and data charges may apply

** Channel reception is subject to local broadcast coverage and may require an upgrade to your existing aerial

Android is a Trademark of Google Inc

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Lost all Digital Channels?………….time to Re Tune

Digital Re tune Website

Digital Re tune Website

In December 2013, the last of Australia switched over to Digital only TV. Now the final stages of the Re Tune are going to happen this year.

So if you find that you have suddenly lost some or all of your digital channels, please re tune your digital set top box or DVR. You may find it’s easier than you think.

For more information about the Digital Re Tune, check out our previous blog post, or visit the Governments re tune website to see when it is happening in your area.

What’s under your Christmas Tree?

ChristmasTreeStuck for Christmas gift ideas?

Why not visit the StrongShop for some great gifts

  • Android Media Player – perfect to keep the kids (&big kids) entertained all holidays
  • Speakers – what about the Waterproof SPLASH, perfect for outdoors – the pool, BBQs, gardening or just lounging around relaxing
  • We have small portable speakers as well – SRT BT1 and SRT BT2 great gift idea for the kids
  • What about a Digital Video Recorder? The weather is too nice to be inside, record your favorite programs to watch on those days the weather is too HOT(or wet)!
  • Don’t forget for those in Melbourne and Sydney Digital switch over happens in just a few days – what about your TV, is it Digital Ready? What about family members………are they all Digital Ready?
  • So for more information on any Strong products visit our website…

From all of us to all of you………Happy Holidays and a Safe & Happy New Year

Digital Retune………so what is it?

Australia is fast approaching the final stage switch over from analogue to digital only TV, with Melbourne, Sydney and Remote Central and Eastern Regions turning the analogue off for good in early December 2013.

As the final step in the move to Digital only TV, some TV Channels are changing their frequency (where the signal comes from, not the actual channel – 7 will still be 7). This retune began in May 2013 and is due to be completed by December 31st 2014. You will need to retune your TV, Set Top Box or Digital Video Recorder when these changes happen in your area. If you don’t, you won’t be able to receive all free-to-air channels. To find out your area’s retune date and more information on what you will need to do, please visit

So why the re tune? These moves will free up broadcasting space that will be used for new services, such as mobile broadband. Different areas will need to retune on different dates until the end of 2014. Just like the switch to digital-only TV, the retune has been carefully planned to make sure the change is as easy as possible.

If you own a STRONG Digital set top box or Digital Video Recorder, it is easy to re tune your channels via the menu settings and run and automatic channel scan. Don’t forgot the default PIN Code is “0000″. If you have any problems, we have an automated help desk which solves most common problems, or you can request a call back 1800 820 030. You can even send an email;

If your set top box or DVR does not automatically save the new channels inputs, try doing a factory reset (in settings) and then re scan.

For more information on the Digital Changeover or the Digital retune, please visit the Digital Ready Website;

Cheers – Strong Australia

Turn any laptop into a TV with the SRT 6500

Another fabulous feature of the SRT 6500 is it will stream to a laptop or PC and not just a phone or tablet.  The program that we used to do this is our old friend XBMC.

With the laptop and SRT 6500 on the same network, the following steps are required:

Download the appropriate version of XBMC for laptop or PC (windows or apple)

  • In XBMC, go to VIDEO  → Files → Add videos → Browse → Select UPnP from list on right → Select SRT6500_MS (IP address) provided the new software update has been added otherwise it will be the SRT 6500 ip address
  • This step is only required for the first time, SRT 6500 will be in the list after this
  • Live TV or recorded content can then be streamed direct to your Laptop or PC

 Cheers – Strong


When a mobile device and the SRT 6500 are both connected to the same network, it is possible to access LiveTV and Prerecorded programs form the SRT 6500 on an iPhone/iPad or Android Phone/Tablet

This is how it is done-


To view content from SRT 6500

  • To view content on the device you must purchase the full version of the app 8player
  • Ensure that the SRT 6500 is connected to the network using either LAN or Wi-Fi
  • Ensure that the iPhone/iPad is also connected to the same wireless network
  • Open the 8player app and select Movies, scroll down and the SRT 6500 will be in the list as e.g. MS( which refers to the IP address it has been assigned. We are going to change this is a new sw version to include the model number, e.g. SRT 6500_MS(192.168.031)
  • Select the SRT 6500, you will then have the options of LiveTV and Media
  • To view LiveTV channels select LiveTV and then select the channel you wish to view, it will begin playing that channel live. To change channel, tap on the screen, select Done which will bring you back to the channel list and select the next channel you wish to view
  • To view recorded programs select Media and then select Record, the full list of recorded programs on the SRT 6500 HDD will be displayed in date and name order.
  • Select the program you wish to watch and it will begin playing, in this screen pressing the skip buttons will advance or return the program 30 seconds. You can also use the navigation slider to advance or return to any point within the recorded program
  • Select Done on this screen to return to the list of recorded programs

To view content from your iPhone/iPad on the SRT 6500

  • Download the free app Skifta from the App Store (at this point Skifta does not support streaming to the iPhone/iPad, we are looking to find a solution or another free app that will support media transfer both ways, we will keep you updated on the progress)
  • Again ensure both devices are connected to the same network
  • Open the Skfta app
  • The opening screen will display 3 steps, 1. Choose Media Source. Select the iPhone/iPad, 2. Choose a player. Select the SRT 6500. 3. Browse and play media. Select what media you wish to play via the SRT 6500 and it will begin playback. Please note regardless of what the SRT 6500 is doing at the time, watching Live TV, recording a program or playing back a recorded program the media you have selected on your iPhone/iPad will begin playing. Any current recordings will continue to record and wont be affected by streaming media to the SRT 6500
  • Once playback has begun you can now use the SRT 6500 RCU to increase or decrease volume, pause, resume playback, skip through media or fast forward and rewind through media file
  • Please note that Music, Video and Photos are supported for playback

Android Devices (including SRT AN4 & AN4M)

To view content from SRT 6500

  • Download the app Bubble UpNp and the video player MX Player from the Play Store, both are free
  • Ensure that the SRT 6500 is connected to the network using either LAN or Wi-Fi
  • Ensure that the Android device is also connected to the same wireless network
  • Open the Bubble UpNp app and select Devices
  • Under Renderers heading select Local Renderer
  • Under the Libraries heading select the SRT 6500 e.g. MS(
  • The select the libraries tab
  • To view LiveTV select the LiveTV folder then select the channel you wish to view
  • You will then be prompted which player to use, here select MX Player. Once selected playback will begin
  • To view recorded programs go back to the main screen and select Media, in the next screen select Record. This will then display the list of recorded programs on the SRT 6500 HDD. Select the program you wish to view, agan you will be prompted which player you wish to use, select MX Player and program will begin playing. You have the option of selecting MX Player as the default action for playing back programs. To do this when the prompt windows opens to select the player check the tick box that states “Use by default for this action”

To view content from your Android Device on the SRT 6500

  • ON Android devices the same apps Bubble UpNp and MX Player are used for communication both way
  • Again ensure both devices are connected to the same network
  • Open the Bubble UpNp app and select Devices
  • Under Renderers heading select SRT 6500 e.g. MS(
  • Under the Libraries heading select Local Media Server
  • The select the libraries tab and select the folder of the specific media you wish to send to the SRT 6500 e.g. Music, select the song you wish to play and it will begin playing

Follow the same step as above for other media such as Video and Photos

For more information on this product visit our web site –  or go direct to view product -    SRT 6500.

Cheers – Strong