STRONG Announces Smart Series Record Feature for DVR – Amended

Want to be able to record every episode of your favorite TV Programs with just the click of a button? Now you can – STRONG introduces SSR for Digital Video Recorders.

Smart Series Record Logo

So what is SSR? When you bring up the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) on your DVR and select the program you wish to record, you then select the SSR option and your DVR will search the EPG for the program title and automatically record future episodes. The Program Title is embedded in the EPG text broadcasted by the Networks. So if your ‘Show’ is on channel 2 at 8:30 pm every Monday night and suddenly changes to 7:30pm on Wednesday night, your DVR will record it for you, on future episodes.

Please note that if a program is already set to record (initial recording) and the Broadcasters suddenly change to start 15 mins later, this will not be picked by your DVR, but future recordings will. So it is best to leave lead in and out set on your DVR.

SRT 7000 EPG
Smart Series recording available from DVR EPG

Initially launched on the SRT 7000, it is now available (or will be very shortly) on most STRONG DVRs; SRT 5495A/T, SRT 5498, SRT 5495/5492 etc. A simple update of software will bring this feature to life on your current DVR. Visit for the latest software update for your model.

Cheers STRONG Social Team