13 Great tips for HD Media Players

Some great tips for what to get, how to use it and what to try for HD Media Players, all in one handy location.

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Updating Software

We often get asked about updating the software; what, where, when, which, why and how. The following post will hopefully cover most questions relating to updating the software on your unit.

What are software Updates?

From time to time your digital media player, set top box, DVR or satellite receiver may need a software update. These have usually been created due to changes in broadcasts, technology or changes in internet protocols of codecs. Often when a change is made or new digital channel added, you may need to update your software to be able to receive these changes. Sometimes changes are made which can not be added or fixed with a software update on older units with older technology. ie Satellite moving from DVBS-2 to DVBS-4 (MPEG4) older units do not have correct hardware to perform with new changes and a new receiver would be required. We endeavour to create new software and have it available to download for your product as quickly as possible.

Where can I get my software update?

You can download the software from our website www.strong.com.au/software.html. There is a link there as well for older models if yours is not listed on the main page.

When should I update my software?

If you are experiencing problems with the function of your unit, you can contact our Technical Help Desk via email or phone tech@strong.com.au or 1800 820 030. Our techs may advise that this issue can be resolved with re loading your current software, or updating to a newer version. If you are not experiencing any difficulties and you are happy with the current function on your unit, you do not have to update the software ie; if you do not use YouTube and the software updated is only for changes related to YouTube you choose not to perform the update at this time.

Which software do I use?

Please only use software which has been obtained from a Strong Technician or Sales Executive or from our website. Please only use the software related to your model, if the number is similar or you think it might be the right one, it could in fact damage the unit and may not be repairable, please note that this would also not be covered under warranty. Make sure that you have selected the correct software. If in doubt you can contact us.

Why do I have to do a software update?

Sometimes when you buy a brand new product and bring it home, you often have to perform an update, this is true for mobile phones, computers, tablets and many other forms of technology. This is because changes have come about since the item was shipped to your retailer, or even since it was originally designed and manufactured. We often do our best to make sure each unit has the latest software, but it is not always possible. You can usually check the software version under settings for your unit and compare the version number to what is listed on our website. Sometimes the software update is for operational changes required in your unit, sometimes it is to fix codec and other sources from broadcasters etc.

How do I do a software update?

go to the Strong Support Page, where you will find written instructions, as well as YouTube videos on how to do this for various models. Of course if you encounter any difficulties you can email tech@strong.com.au or leave a short msg on 1800 820 030 or 03 8795 7990, and we will get someone to return your call. Please do not ask difficult questions that involve extended answer via social media, it can often get confusing, especially when it can be easily clarified and fixed with a simple, short phone call.

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Susan Wojcicki on YouTube’s Priorities: “Mobile, Mobile, Mobile”


I like the idea of Iheart Radio or Pandora like service, but with video content (and no ads!) Also good to see larger platforms moving to keep up with the move to mobile

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Susan Wojcicki, top banana at YouTube, took the stage at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference just a few minutes ago to talk about the future of Google’s video unit and answer some questions about competitors, including Facebook and Twitter.

As for what to expect, Wojcicki said that 50 percent of YouTube’s views are now coming from mobile devices, and that as a result, the company’s top three priorites are “mobile, mobile, mobile.”

She also suggested that an acquisition could be in YouTube’s future if the right company crosses YouTube’s path. “If there’s a company that lets us our [fulfill our] strategy faster, then yes, anything that helps us move faster” is game, she told interviewer Adam Lashinsky.

Wojcicki also said to expect a public rollout later this year of Music Key, a music service that YouTube launched in beta late last year and whose key features include enabling users to listen “ad free” to use…

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RAI Italia TV – Update

RAI Italia TV, has changed from MPEG2 to MPEG4 (DVBS-2 High definition) Satellite. if you currently have an older MPEG 2, or Standard Definition Satellite receiver you will need to update your box we recommend the SRT 4922B+.

If you currently have an MPEG4 DVBS-2 HD Satellite receiver (such as SRT 4922A) will you need to re scan channels to be able to receive RAI.

If you have the Model SRT 4950H, you will need to change LNB Frequency in the Antenna settings for the Asiasat 5, it needs to be set to 5150. If you have any further difficulties please email our Help Desk on tech@strong.com.au or call our Automated help Line and leave your name and phone number, 1800 820 030.

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How do I know If my Internet is fast enough for Streaming Video?

Ookla AppThis is a good question, and it is one we are often asked. There is a great free app you can download from the Playstore called OOKLA by Speedtest.net.

Use Ookla Speedtest for easy, one-tap connection testing in under 30 seconds—accurate anywhere thanks to their global network.

Millions of users have made Ookla Speedtest the #1 app for testing Internet speeds, and it’s trusted daily by professionals throughout the industry!


  • Discover your Download, Upload and Ping
  • Real-time graphs show connection consistency
  • Troubleshoot or verify the speed you were promised
  • Track past tests with detailed reporting
  • Easily share your results

– Info obtained from Google Play Store 30/6/2015

Ookla screen shots

Remember the higher the quality you are trying to stream the more band width it requires, and this is not referring to quantity of download (ie 500GB or Unlimited per month), but the speed at which you are receiving your data. If your speed is too slow you will get buffering and hanging especially with Application as XBMC and KODY.

Android Apps

10 Ways to get the most out of your Android HD Media Player

It doesn’t matter which model you own, SRT MPT, SRT AN4, SRT AN4M, SRT RB2, SRT RB4; there are a few simple tricks to get the most out your unit.

1 – Ditch the remote and grab yourself a Wireless Mouse

It mind sound silly, but Android is designed as a touch screen operating system for phones and tablets, so when it comes to HD Media Players on your TV, my guess is it isn’t a touch screen TV. So avoid getting frustrated with the devices remote and get a cheap wireless mouse, you can plug the USB dongle into any of the USB ports. P.S. Some find a wireless keyboard handy as well

2 – Check your Internet Speed

Now by internet speed we do not mean your download limit, but at what physical speed you gain access to data, sometimes Internet providers give you an approximate download speed, but the reality is often much less due to distance from the exchange, interference and various other factors. A good way to check your actual speed is to verify it on your PC, or even better on the actual Media Player itself, try downloading OOKLA. if you internet speed is 5mps or slower you will probably experience buffering, freezing or lagging on streaming video, but others apps may work fine. And remember, the higher the resolution the faster download speed is required.

3 – Go Cable instead of Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is everywhere and it’s all the rage sure, however it can suffer from interference from other various devices around the home, and watching streaming videos over Wi-Fi can sometimes be a bother. Want to stream seamlessly, no buffering or freezing? Try running a LAN Cable, you’ll be glad you did.

4 – Load a Good Media Player

Some of our HD Media Players already have a decent Media Player App loaded, others have just a basic generic one, try visiting the Playstore and download or even update MX Player, Dice Player or BS Player, all are very good, stable Apps.

5 – Don’t load hundreds of useless Apps

Depending on your model, you may not have a lot of room, or a bit; either way you do not want to load it up with hundreds of useless apps you do not use, especially games and possibly old apps which no longer work. If you have downloaded an app and decided you don’t like it, or will never use it, uninstall it.

6 – How to Uninstall Apps

That brings me to the next step, uninstalling Apps you no longer want. Go to Settings, then scroll down to Apps and click on it. it will then give you a list of all Apps installed, scroll down and select the App you wish, it will then prompt you to update, open and various other things, you can select Uninstall from here. You can even add folders of similar apps, like a a folder containing all entertainment apps, all game apps, all music apps etc.

7 – How to access Apps and Widgets

You may wish to add Apps of Widgets (apps are programs essentially and Widgets are tools, ie clock, backgrounds etc). Go to your App browser, this maybe be a little house Icon top right hand side or 6 little dots in a circle at the bottom of screen. This will then bring up (a page at a time) all the Apps you have installed. If you want to create a short cut to the home screen, simply press the mouse over the app it will then be highlighted and can drop onto the home screen.

8 – What do I do When an App crashes or stops responding

Occasionally you may find an App stops working or fails to respond, this does not mean the unit is faulty, but it is just a glitch or poorly designed app. If it is just a glitch, stop the App and then restart it, sometimes after stopping the App you may need to restart your unit. If it is a regular occurrence with that same App, consider uninstalling it, if it not suitable for your device or if it is poorly designed you really do not want it anyway.

9 – How to shut down an open App

I guess number 8 brings me to number 9. On the bottom of your home page you should have a rectangle icon or 2 >> icon. This will bring up a list of all Apps running in the background. It is usually OK to leave these programs running in the background, however occasionally it can be a good idea to clear them out. Select the App you wish to close (or shut down) and hold and hover the mouse over the top, it will then ask if you wish to close it, click yes.

10 – How do I access media from a USB Drive?

So occasionally you may not want to use the actual internet, it’s down, out of download, or simply you have other stuff you want to access from a USB Stick or drive. Plug it into one of the USB ports on your unit. You can access via the File Explorer in your App list (probably not on your Home Page – see #7), open this explorer and search for USB, there will be a drop down, or arrow up depending on the model you have. Once you have selected the USB you should see a list of all media on your drive, simply select what you wish to access and click on it. You may be prompted to pick a media player. Select one from list above (#4) you can select always or this time only – I usually select this time only. Why? Not all media plays on all player apps. If you select always your unit will always try to use that app for ALL media. Easier I feel to select each time, if it does not load, you can go back and select a different player app.

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The Play, Pause & Stop buttons on my Rock-Box or Android Unit’s remote do not work on Netflix

The Play, Pause & Stop buttons on my Rock-Box or Android Unit’s remote do not work on Netflix. This is true, the remote which comes with our Android4TV (SRTAN4 or SRTAN4M) or Rock-Box (SRT RB2 or SRTRB4) or even the SRT MPT Media Player has Play, Pause, Stop buttons etc, these are for use only with the unit’s basic media player for media on a USB. These buttons are non functioning while in other apps such as Netflix or MX Player, as they have built in on screen functions.

We suggest the use of a wireless mouse to access on screen play, pause function within additional apps including Netflix, Xbmc, Kodi, MX or BS Media Players. This is not a fault of the unit, nor the remote, it is that these Apps were written to work on touch screen phones and tablets.

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Netflix Logo

Are you sick of using ChromeCast on your Phone?

Are you sick of using ChromeCast on your Phone? Do you wish there was an easier way to get Streaming online content without having to use your phone or tablet? Did you know you can stream direct onto your TV with out the need for 3rd party devices or apps?

Want Netflix on your TV, or infact any TV? STRONG has the answer with our Rock-Box HD Media Player, the Netflix App comes preloaded, simply signup and stream quality content directly to your TV. In fact you can pick up this box and move it to another TV (provided there is at least Wi-Fi access). Watch WHAT you want WHEN you want it – true digital home entertainment.

For more information, please visit Rock-Box website.

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How do I change my BluRay player to Multi Region?

A frequently asked question from our Help Desk is How do I change my SRT 6500 DVR/BluRay Player to multi region?

SRT 6500 Digital Video Recorder and BluRay Player

To change your BluRay player to Multi region, please refer to page 55 of the User Manual. Please note you need to press number 3 not 4 (as in the manual) to change to Region C. This allows the unit to play multi region discs.

For more information on this model, please visit the product page SRT 6500 product Page