The Play, Pause & Stop buttons on my Rock-Box or Android Unit’s remote do not work on Netflix

The Play, Pause & Stop buttons on my Rock-Box or Android Unit’s remote do not work on Netflix. This is true, the remote which comes with our Android4TV (SRTAN4 or SRTAN4M) or Rock-Box (SRT RB2 or SRTRB4) or even the SRT MPT Media Player has Play, Pause, Stop buttons etc, these are for use only with the unit’s basic media player for media on a USB. These buttons are non functioning while in other apps such as Netflix or MX Player, as they have built in on screen functions.

We suggest the use of a wireless mouse to access on screen play, pause function within additional apps including Netflix, Xbmc, Kodi, MX or BS Media Players. This is not a fault of the unit, nor the remote, it is that these Apps were written to work on touch screen phones and tablets.

Cheers – Strong

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Are you sick of using ChromeCast on your Phone?

Are you sick of using ChromeCast on your Phone? Do you wish there was an easier way to get Streaming online content without having to use your phone or tablet? Did you know you can stream direct onto your TV with out the need for 3rd party devices or apps?

Want Netflix on your TV, or infact any TV? STRONG has the answer with our Rock-Box HD Media Player, the Netflix App comes preloaded, simply signup and stream quality content directly to your TV. In fact you can pick up this box and move it to another TV (provided there is at least Wi-Fi access). Watch WHAT you want WHEN you want it – true digital home entertainment.

For more information, please visit Rock-Box website.

Cheers – Strong

How do I change my BluRay player to Multi Region?

A frequently asked question from our Help Desk is How do I change my SRT 6500 DVR/BluRay Player to multi region?

SRT 6500 Digital Video Recorder and BluRay Player

To change your BluRay player to Multi region, please refer to page 55 of the User Manual. Please note you need to press number 3 not 4 (as in the manual) to change to Region C. This allows the unit to play multi region discs.

For more information on this model, please visit the product page SRT 6500 product Page

Apple conspiracy?

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If Android now have  66% of the Market Share as opposed to iOS only having 27%, according to Gizmodo, why do companies still insist on offering iOS only apps and offers? Let’s take a look at HBO Go, according to Sydney Morning Herald it is being offered through Apple TV exclusively for 3 months, this was announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook at the Apple Watch launch recently. Apparently having a market share does not help Android users.

Local content offerings by Stan also fell short for Android by only being available on some Android Phones, but is available on iOS phone, tablets and Apple TV. To get it on Android you need to double up on tech and make a work around with ChromeCast HDMI Streamer, would be much easier if we could watch on Smart TV, Android Tablet, or Android HD Media Player directly on our TV. Who wants to watch a movie from a phone?

These aren’t the only examples of Apple favoritism, but why is it so? Sure I am an Android Fan, have been from the start, am I biased, possibly. Sure iPhones and Tablets have some nifty stuff, but when 2/3 of the public are overwhelmingly in favor one OS over another, you have to wonder is there a conspiracy or is it just a money making scheme? Don’t get me wrong I am not normally into conspiracy theories, but seriously. We went through the whole VHS Vs Beta (Oops showing my age here) VHS won, Records and LPs went out in favor of CDs, CDs, lost in favor of DVDs, DVDs lost in favor of BluRay, and now Vinyl LPs are making a come back! Sorry I am losing the point here…………but what exactly is the point? We in Australia want content!We want it now, we want easy access and we want it affordable.

Why can’t video streaming apps make it easy for everyone to access at the same time, whether it be Android, Apple, Windows…………Netflix shows no favoritism, you can access from just about anything (possibly an old VHS if it could access the internet!). You can use Nintendo Wi, Playstation, Xbox, Android, Windows, PC, Media Players, Smart TV………….Netflix does not care what platform you use. Which is great……… can access Netflix in lounge room or let’s face it it is probably on the Game Console in the bed room, and you can access what you want to watch at the same time from a Smart TV or HD Media Device in your lounge room. No Fuss, every one is happy. I guess that is why Netflix has such a large following world wide. If Content Providers really want to make everyone happy (and probably make more money, while they are at it) let everyone access content, together, at the same time. Don’t be greedy……….didn’t you learn to share at school? If you didn’t bring enough for everyone, then don’t share at all! The only down side if everyone had access is the Australian Internet……….but that is a rant for another day.

– Cheers

Are you ready for Netflix?

Are you ready for Netflix? Netflix Australia announced that they will be available in Australia in March 2015. Want to get amazing content: Movies and TV Shows? This is not a new one hit wonder, Netflix has been around for years and has millions of subscribers internationally. Access to a large range of content (unofficial Netflix Guide for US and UK).

But are you ready for Netflix? Do you have a HD Media Player? If not, then take a look at some of Strong’s products, most of which already come pre loaded with the Netflix App, simply hook it up to your TV, connect to the internet and sign up to Netflix, take advantage of the 30 day free trial! There is no messy stream to smart phone then send to HDMI receiver then stream to TV like other providers, with Netflix, stream directly to your TV with a HD Media Player and it will work with just about any Android device With a Strong HD Media Player you can also surf the web, watch YouTube, access news and Social Media, play Android Games, download Android App and so much more.

So what Products are available to purchase now?

SRT AN4M Android HD Media Player, base model suitable to run Netflix & HD Media Playback

SRT MPT Android HD Media Player with Digital TV Tuner (with record to USB Function), Social media and HD Media Playback, as well as Youtube and Social Media, Apps and Widgets

SRT RB2 – Dual Core Android HD Media Player with the whole kit and kaboodle

SRT RB4 – Quad Core Android HD Media Player – the ultimate with all the bells and whistles.

So ask your retailer now about Netflix and a Strong HD Media Player. Or visit our Website or Youtube for more details on which model is best for you.

Strong Australia


Strong Announces New Satellite Receiver – SRT 4922B+


STRONG‘s Free to Air Satellite receiver, the SRT 4922B+ offers the usual STRONG Satellite features; DVBS-2, MPEG2/4 Compliant, Embedded Multicas Card Reader, Multimedia playback via USB, Record function via External USB Hard Disk Drive (not included), Suitable for both C-Band & Ku Band systems. (Does not receive VAST). Offers RF Modulator, LAN, Wi-FI & 3G.

  • High Definition
  • DVB-S2 MPEG 4 Compliant
  • Receives all Free to Air Satellite Channels (NOT VAST)
  • Embedded CONAX CAS 7 (Card Reader)
  • DVR Function via USB External Hard Drive (Not Supplied)
  • Ethernet Port / LAN (RJ45), Wi-Fi (Requires Dongle) and 3G
  • RF Modulator
  • Time Shift, Record & Playback
  • 2 x USB 2.0 Host for MP3 Playback, JPEG viewing and Firmware Update
  • Advanced Blind Scan
  • Electronic Program Guide with one touch record
  • HDMI, Component Video Outputs, Coaxial S/PDIF Digital Audio Output
  • Parental Lock
  • MEPS Compliant
  • Access to Youtube, Internet Radio, Weather, Maps, Flickr & Picasa via LAN
  • Access V.O.D and IPTV

What’s in the Box?

1 X STRONG Digital Satellite Receiver
1 X Remote Control & batteries
1 X Users Manual
1 x Set AV Leads


For more information, please visit our web site

– Cheers, Strong Australia

Introducing our new Digital Set Top Box – SRT 5432

Strong’s latest offering in High Definition Digital Set Top Boxes is this cute little guy.  He may be only 160 x 104 x 28mm and weigh in at 168Gms, but He packs a punch.

Of course it is Full 1080p High Definition, and allows you to watch Multimedia Files on your TV( Common File Types; JPEG, MP3, AVI, MKV etc) from USB, it has HDMI and Composite connections and Digital Audio Output. You can record onto an external USB Hard Drive or stick  (Not supplied), BUT! You can record 2 programs from same network while watching another program. Sounds confusing? It’s not really; all ABC channels are on the same Network, ALL 9s, 10s and 7s are on their own network ie: 7, 72 ,7Mate, are all on the Seven network so you could record 7, 72 and watch Mate. Works for all other Networks too.

It also has a 7 Day EPG with one touch record, timer record etc. Closed Captions and Parental Lock, Auto and Manual channel search. It has comes with a handy detachable power cable, which makes installation a bit easier (great for caravans as well). Comes with Remote Control, Installation Manual & AV Leads (we do however recommend HDMI leads for optimal picture and audio quality.

For more information visit our website SRT 5432

Satellite – Freeview Vs Free to Air

I get asked A LOT about the difference between Freeview (7, 9, 10, ABC, SBS etc) and Free to air Satellite; no they are not the same thing.

Free to air Satellite and Free to Air (Freeview) are different in Australia, long standing tradition within our borders is that normal terrestrial digital TV (What you get through your aerial) is referred to as Free to Air, which is kind of strange as we only have 1 subscription service (Foxtel) which is paid, all the national broadcasters are free anyway.

Now when it comes to Satellite it becomes a completely different story; Free to air is ALL Channels available over a one or more selected satellites, that DO NOT require an access Smart Card. There is also hundreds of channels available,  granted many of them are non English. Head over the for a huge list of services, this is just a sample of Asia5 satellite. You will also note various other description listed as well DVBS or DVBS2 or MPEG4, HD etc. this is the type of broadcast this service offers, most are now starting to switch to DVBS-2, MPEG4, HD, so if you have an older satellite receiver it may not decode the services anymore.

Then with Freeview or VAST (Viewer Access Satellite TV) which covers the national broadcasters ie; 7, 9, 10 all in digital via satellite; this is entirely different set up, yes it is still Ku Band, still requires a dish, LNB and receiver, but it is now activated by a Smart Card and needs a special card, matched with a VAST accessible (or compliant) receiver. For more info about VAST please visit the Government Digital ready website. Please note that STRONG Australia currently does not have a VAST Compliant receiver.

What is the difference between C band and Ku Band? This is in reference to the type of frequency, essential C band operates at a lower frequency and covers a larger area, and Ku band operates at a higher frequency and covers a smaller area, this area is referred to as a Footprint….see below image so you need a direct line of sight with any actual satellite to be able to access the stream.


Satellite Footprint Sample
Satellite Footprint Sample

In addition the Ku Band dishes are smaller (under 1.2m) and C Band dishes are larger. They also require different LNB(Fs) [low noise block filter] this actually grabs the signal bounced of the satellite and collected in the dish and then sends to a receiver and decodes it as images.

Hopefully this makes things a little clearer




Just arrived………….SRT 7014 Twin Tuner Digital Video Recorder with AV Input & RS 232

  STRONG‘s DVRs changed the world of TV, with the SRT7000, now we have re released this ever popular model, along with a few changes. The SRT 7014 offers the usual STRONG DVR features; 500GB Hard Drive, Twin Tuners, Multimedia playback, it also supports a Component & Composite AV Input to record from external devices; such as Camcorder, CD, DVD, Pay TV and game consoles. With access to the internet; with full web browsing, social media and live video streaming, there is also Smart Phone connectivity – you can turn your smart phone into a remote and you can share photos, video and music between your phone, iPad(or other tablet), PC and DVR. It also offers streaming to DLNA enabled devices. It comes with a wireless dongle for Wifi connection or you can run thernet cable. You can even add a wireless keyboard and mouse (not supplied). But back to the TV; the SRT 7014 features Smart Series Record, you can record every episode of your favourite TV program in simple steps, you don’t even need the internet connection for this feature. The Twin Tuners allow you to record up to 3 programs while watching a 4th (from 2 networks) or a pre-recorded program.

  • Access the latest Digital Channels
  • Live video streaming with iPhone/iPod/iPad & Android Devices, check out out YouTube channel for more info
  • Record up to 500 hours of content
  • Record three, while watching a fourth
  • Smart Series Record
  • Internet Browser and Social Media
  • Smart Phone Connectivity & Streaming to DLNA devices
  • Pause & Rewind Live TV
  • Access all available Digital Channels
  • 7 Day Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Chase Play, Editing, Book Marks and Ad skipping options
  • Multiple Outputs; HDMI, Component & Composite
  • Digital Audio Output
  • Multimedia Playback – File types include; MP3, JPEG, MKV, WMV, VOB, MOV, AVI, DivX and many more.
  • Picture in Picture Mode (PIP)
  • RS-232
  • Closed Captions text for the hearing impaired, Record & Playback
  • AV Input – to record from external devices such as; VHS, Camcorder, Game Consoles, CD/DVD and music. Please note files are recorded as .TS Format as Digital files in Standard Definition. Visit the Product Tutorial for more information.
  • NEW – signal strength meter on info bar
  • NEW – Delete multiple files from file list


SRT 7014_RC* Internet connection is required, may incur data usage charges

For more information, Specifications etc please visit our web site


Cheers – Strong

Everything you love from the Net……… on your TV

Everything you love to do on the internet, your can now do on your TV – in HD!

Streaming Video

  •  Love watching the latest YouTube clips, TV Shows and Movies? No need for everyone to sit around a small PC Screen; enjoy in HD on your TV. With a full Web browser and Media Repositories like XBMC, Video streaming couldn’t be easier. You can even sign up for Netflix & Hulu Plus to access more great online content.

File sharing

  • Share movies, photos and music to any DLNA enabled device.

Play Games

  • Access games from Playstore, as well as old school console games with game emulators, take a trip down memory lane with Classic Sega/Nintendo/ PlayStation games, Arcade games, as well as the endless list of Android platform games. You can use a Bluetooth or USB game controller, or even set up a remote app on your phone!

Facetime with friends 

  • You can access all Social Media Platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Skype etc. It is recommended for ease of use to add a Wireless keyboard and mouse (not supplied). Using the built in Microphone you can ‘chat’ with family and friends – add a web camera (not supplied) and you can have video calls.

News and Current Affairs

  • Catch up with the news and current affairs from local sources or from around the world, with full web browser, as well as news apps and periodicals.

Multimedia Playback

  • Connect a USB Hard Drive and you can watch all your movies, in full HD, you can also view photos and listen to music.


For more information on the new Rock-Box by STRONG, please visit our website